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Frio Wallets: Insulin/Diabetic Cooling Case

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Frio Wallets: Insulin/Diabetic Cooling Case

Frio Wallet means peace-of-mind.

Ever feel restricted on your options when it comes to outdoor activities? Too busy worrying about your insulin staying cool to have some fun in the sun? Put those worries to rest with the newly found freedom you will have by owning a Frio Cooling Wallet. Frio Wallets will keep your insulin cool, allowing you to do what you want without the constant hassle of checking your watch.

Frio Cooling Wallets are an effective and inexpensive solution to insulin temperature regulation. No need for refrigeration, these cooling wallets are safe, proven and extremely effective.

Frio© brand cooling wallets keep insulin pens and vials just below room temperature/70°F) for up to 48 hours, giving you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Frio Insulin Wallet Product Key
Size Dimensions (Height x Width) Capacity Cooling Time
Mini Wallet 3" x 5" 1 vial of insulin or 1 eyedrop bottle 48 hours
Individual 2.5" x 7" 1 injectable pen 48 hours
Duo 3.5" 7" 2 insulin pens or 1 pen and 2 10ml vials 48 hours
Extra Small 5.75" x 5" Up to 3 10ml vials or 3 eyedrop bottles 48 hours
Small 5.875" x 6" 3-4 vials or 10 3ml cartridges 48 hours
Large 5.75" 7.5" 5 pens, or 2 pens and 5 10ml vials, or 2 pens and 10 3 ml cartridges, or 6 vials 48 hours
Extra Large 8" x 6.5" 8 injectable pens, or 8 10ml vials, or combination 48 hours
Insulin Pump 3.75" x 4.5" Fits most insulin pumps, also popular for 2 10ml vials 48 hours